Welcome to PALEnergy

Building the smartest and most efficient off-grid network for
clean cooking in Africa’s urban areas.

About Us

PAL Energy was formed by three former executives from SHV Energy and Vitol and is capturing momentum to make an impact on Africa’s energy transition.
PAL Energy combines 50+ years of Global LPG mid- and downstream expertise.

Govert Rietema
Andries Govaert
Anthony Baranello


PAL Energy works with experienced investment managers with a focus on Africa. In case of a specific LPG related investment opportunity please contact us at
info@palenergyholding.com. We will revert back to you and in case of interest we can disclose more details on our financial partners.


PAL Energy has provided the following advisory services:

M&A advisory on
LPG Downstream –
and Midstream Assets

Refinery to

Liquid fuels
and LPG
Terminal Development

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

Explore about our Vision and Strategy

Clean Cooking

Sub Sahara Africa is already a large cooking market: USD 20 billion was spent annually on cooking fuels in 2010, by 2020 fuel spending is set to more than double to USD 47 billion. Half of SSA consumers regularly pay for cooking fuels and could afford LPG.

LPG is 5x more efficient than traditional fuels, produces virtually no particulate matter or soot, is significantly cheaper than charcoal and kerosene fuel on a “per meal” basis…